Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Back to the Realms (and D&D)

I post this not because I am giving up on indie games (quite the contrary, I think I'll keep a few in my bag for when attendance might not allow for our scheduled D&D session), but because the rest of my group (though not all, I think) are energized by the prospect of D&D in Forgotten Realms. I don't think Burning Wheel was their cup of tea. Anyway, on to the gory details.

We are playing through the City of the Spider Queen Forgotten Realms mega-module with freshly made 10th level characters (and 49k of equipment). I'm playing a Gold Elf Bladesinger, simply because I want to see that character concept get off the ground for once. In our first session, we spoke with Randal Morn, fearless liberator and leader of Daggerdale and accepted a mission to investigate and eliminate a drow threat from some abandoned crypts in the Dagger Hills. In our explorations we discovered a conflict between two drow factions was taking place. The Lloth drow appeared to be the losing faction. The other faction was devoted to Kiriansalee, a drow goddess of undeath. In Cirdan's view (my character's name), the latter gets the award for most effort put into making drow even more unnatural than normal.

Throughout the crypts and the more natural caverns that followed, we encountered all manner of undead (vampire, ghost), some "sickeningly" devious traps (Alton is still suffering from the compounded eldritch hang-overs), a roper who taught us that drow salutation etiquette involves several magical projectiles and a snack mix assortment of demons and drow (something as obligatory to the Underdark as hors d'oeuvres are to a cocktail reception.) The highlight, of course, was Dunn Stonecastle's plague of locusts (courtesy of Lathander's divine might) summoned down an escape hole onto a rather nasty-looking contingent of drow. Oh yes, and spiders. There are always the spiders. We are the Company of the Bloody Dawn and we plan to live up to that name. Currently, we're back in Daggerdale, resting up, dividing loot and preparing for another delve into the madness.


Anonymous Mark said...

That pretty much sums it up. However, here's a brief cast of characters:

Andrew: Cirdan, the Gold Elf Bladesinger. He likes to enlarge himself and tumble around.

Jaso: Tebryn, the Drow Bard. He sang a few songs, and stabbed a vampire and a demon.

Jack: Ruukya, the Drow Barbarian (variant)/Rogue/Fighter/Random Prestige Class I can't remember. He walks on ceilings, sneaks around, and beats stuff to death with an acidic spiked chain. He's particualrly helpful at breaking down doors.

Mark: Dunn Stonecastle, Human Cleric of Lathander. Undead hater, Locust lover.

Pep: Alton, I think he's a human fighter/sorceror. Excellent trapfinder/disabler. Has a weak stomach, and constantly refers to himself as the "hired help."

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