Thursday, June 15, 2006

The New Nintendo

I'll admit, I'm no fan of the Nintendo GameCube and I owned a Game Boy Advance for only a little while, but I've recently changed my my mind on Nintendo. I used to think that they should have gone the way of SEGA. Just stop wasting our time with sub-par hardware and focus on getting your games to as many people as possible. That is, until I bought the Nintendo DS Lite with Metroid Prime: Hunters and Big Brain Academy. I've been playing this thing very often since then, AND, more significantly, my wife has been playing it even more.

The stylus element is key, I think. She's hooked on Big Brain Academy, but she also found the controls for Metroid Prime to be "intuitive." Exactly how Nintendo is touting it's new Wii-mote controller. From the reports at E3, the new Metroid game for Wii will have the same control as the DS Metroid, but instead of the stylus on the touch screen, the Wii-mote will point at the TV. It sounds promising and with the new aesthetic displayed in the DS lite being carried over to the Wii, I may have to break down and get a Nintendo home console this fall. I haven't owned one myself since the old NES 8-bit. That is, if I can beat my wife to the console. We'll definitely have to get a lot of two player games...

Don't worry, Xbox 360, I haven't forgotten about you at all. There's plenty coming out this fall that I want for you.


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