Thursday, August 17, 2006

Missed Conflict Opportunity

In the last Eberron game we played, Nigad and I came into conflict as to whether we should free some prisoners we came upon in the jungle. I said that my character (Marduk) didn't want to get involved in the island's politics. Nigad's character (Kruug) wanted to be the hero and save them. We just sort of muddle about for a bit, role-played an argument and then moved on (I essentially got my intent). Next time this comes up, I'll definitely role-play it out, but once we get to the outcome, I'll request one or a series of conflict resolution rolls, along with help from the different players, depending on which side they agree with. This would be a ghetto-ized D&D version of Burning Wheel's duel of wits, but I think it would be worthwhile.


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