Friday, November 11, 2005

Gokai and Seiken

I've posted a write-up for my character and his rival on the Burning Wheel boards. I'm pretty excited about what I've got going on between the two of them.

Also, something fun, a (sort of) cutesy version of Gokai:

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Orient-themed game

Well, last Saturday we finished up our Burning Sands game with many an explosion and essentially, a defeat for the players' side. We moved on quickly to work out the setting and theme for the next game. We'll be using Burning Wheel to play in a fantasy Asia setting with the characters being various elements of slightly less legal society. We'll see if we end up being a street gang. There's a thread up on the Burning Wheel site for it now. We'll be posting any additions and Actual Play accounts there. I've added my thoughts to the thread, but I'll post them here too:

I'm playing the ruffian/swordsman and I have yet to burn up the character. I think after I stroll through the lifepaths, I'll have a better idea. All of the beliefs and instincts of the characters are pretty rough now, so I see some fiddling as characters are burned. We pretty much had half a character burning session because of time and energy. A lot of it was spent hashing out what setting to do. We finally picked this as a break from Burning Sands, with the promise to some group members that we'd do Jihadis in the next campaign.

Part of the reason (aside from logistical concerns) why we went with the setting and then the beliefs first was that a lot of people wanted something where the setting didn't dictate the conflict as much. We wanted, instead, to have our beliefs being the sole driving force of the conflict... pretty much. The concept for the campaign is that the sushi restaurant is trying to stay legit, but keeps dipping into the criminal underworld. The three characters that are outright criminals (so to speak), the con-artist, monk and ruffian, are there to pull them into the criminal world. Hopefully, we see this game moving toward the characters becoming a struggling street gang, but we'll see how the conflict works out along the way.

I, personally, am looking forward to such an open-ended Burning Wheel game. I'll post my character when it's burned.