Thursday, August 17, 2006

Missed Conflict Opportunity

In the last Eberron game we played, Nigad and I came into conflict as to whether we should free some prisoners we came upon in the jungle. I said that my character (Marduk) didn't want to get involved in the island's politics. Nigad's character (Kruug) wanted to be the hero and save them. We just sort of muddle about for a bit, role-played an argument and then moved on (I essentially got my intent). Next time this comes up, I'll definitely role-play it out, but once we get to the outcome, I'll request one or a series of conflict resolution rolls, along with help from the different players, depending on which side they agree with. This would be a ghetto-ized D&D version of Burning Wheel's duel of wits, but I think it would be worthwhile.

Eberron, D&D & more

Our group has another Eberron game coming up soon. In the last few games we've have a good time of playing standard D&D along with the tweeks added. We've occasionally pulled out the conflict resolution on certain rolls, but with group preferences the way they are, it's hard to be consistent about it. I almost want hit points to be a count down to losing your intent when in drawn out combat, but I'm not sure how the rest of the group will react. (Mental note - discuss this at the table on Saturday)

Some of the conflict resolution has been pretty fun. One of the more laid-back players, Pep, was having his ranger scout and rolled a spot check. Mark, the DM, then asked him to state his intent, what he was looking for. There was a brief back and forth as that request stumped Pep, but eventually his successful spot check revealed some tunnels in the volcano that got us a lot farther along our journey to a ruined city. It also provided some conflict for a rod or scepter that could lead us to the city.

For this upcoming game, I think I want to play around with my character's goal and trait a bit in the reward system to see how I can get those action points going in new and different ways. Maybe it'll spur others on to do the same, but different.

Overall, the baby steps being taken in this Eberron game make me fairly confident that the group as a whole could really get into a Planescape game run with The Shadow of Yesterday.

We'll see...